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Plenary Lectures

Bernard Feringa Dynamic Molecular Systems
Carlos Afonso Diverse Reactivity of Furan Based Biorenewable Resources
David Collum Structure-Reactivity-Selectivity Relationships in Alkali Metal Chemistry
Frances Arnold Innovation by Evolution: Bringing New Chemistry to Life
Guy Lloyd-Jones Exploring Catalytic Landscapes: Don’t be Inhibited
Janine Cossy Chemistry and Physics: Synthesis and Vectorization of Drugs Towards the Tumors
Jin-Pei Cheng Revitalize Bond Energetics for Understanding Ionic Liquid Chemistry
João Rocha Organic and Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials for Light Emission and Sensing
Manabu Abe Is π Single-Bonding (C–π–C) Possible? A Challenge in Organic Chemistry
Peter Chen Bond Strengths in the Gas Phase, in Solution, and In Silico: Dispersion Effects and Big Molecules
Stefan Grimme Development and Application of Low-Cost Quantum Chemistry Methods
Tito Scaiano Organic Photocatalysis with Metal-Decorated Titanium Dioxide

Keynote Lectures

AnnMarie O’Donoghue Understanding Chemoselectivity in Umpolung Acyl Anion Catalysis by Carbenes
Faruk Nome Reactive and Selective Supramolecular Artificial Enzymes for Phosphate Transfer Reactions
Hermenigildo Garcia Defective Graphenes from Biomass as Photocatalysts for Solar Fuels Production
Jason Harper Solvent Control of Reaction Outcome using Ionic Liquids
Luís Garcia-Rio Competitive and Cooperative Counterion Effects on Supramolecular Recognition
Maria João Ramos Understanding How Enzymes Work
Peter Schreiner Carbohydrate Formation in the Absence of Biosynthesis
Raghavan Sunoj Asymmetric Dual Chiral Catalysis: Mechanism and Chiral Induction
Rainer Herges Molecular Machines in Medical Imaging
Rui Loureiro Use of Modelling in Pharmaceutical Process Development
Sebastian Kozuch Quantum Tunneling: Computational Predictions in Exothermic and Isothermic Reactions
Simonetta Fornarini Binding Motifs of Cisplatin with Amino Acid Targets probed by IR Spectroscopy of Isolated Species

Invited Lectures

Adriana Gerola Reactive and Selective Supramolecular Artificial Enzymes for Phosphate Transfer Reactions
Halina Szatylowicz Physical Interpretation of the Substituent Effect – the Quantum Chemistry Approach
Henrik Ottosson Relating the Triplet State Baird-Aromaticity of the Macrocycle to that of the Monocycle
Herbert Mayr Nucleophilicity and Electrophilicity Parameters for the Analysis of Cycloaddition Reactions
María Paz Muñoz Precious metal catalysis in Allene chemistry: from divergent systems to heterobimetallic catalysis
Masataka Nagaoka Toward Computational Molecular Technology of Complex Chemical Reaction Systems: Applications of Red Moon Methodology
Robert McMahon Astrochemistry: A Perspective from Physical-Organic Chemistry
Sanzhong Luo Stereo-ionic Interaction of Protonated Amines in Asymmetric Catalysis
Shmaryahu Hoz A New Reaction Mechanism Diagnostic Tool for the Reaction of SmI2
Shuichi Hiraoka Nanocube: Hyperthermostable Discrete Self-Assemblies in Water
Uta Wille Position matters: Amide neighbouring group participation facilitates the rate of phenylalanine oxidation in peptides

Social Programme

Conference excursion

A conference excursion to Lagos and Sagres will be offered to all participants. Some historical and touristic information on Lagos and Sagres is available through the links indicated below.



Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place at the Pousada Palace of Estoi, a recovered eighteenth century palace featuring a combination of classical, baroque and contemporary architectural and artistic elements. The palace is surrounded by gardens with a French and Italian inspiration and offers a splendid view over a marvellous landscape encompassing the Algarve countryside, where the Palace is situated, and, further away, the Atlantic coast.

Some information about Pousada Palace of Estoi is available through the following link: