24th IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry

1-6 July 2018, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

The 24th IUPAC ICPOC Book of Abstracts is now available. You can download it here.


Dear colleagues,

Dear friends,

I am very happy to invite you to the 24st IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry (ICPOC 24), to be held in Faro, Portugal, from 1 to 6 July 2018.

Since their start, in 1972, ICPOC conferences have been the leading international gatherings on Physical Organic Chemistry.

Traditionally, Physical Organic Chemistry relates molecular structure to chemical behaviour, by means of the study of structure, reactivity, mechanism and equilibrium in organic systems, aiming at the quantitative, molecular level understanding of their properties. Nowadays, physical organic chemistry encompasses a much wider range of contexts, extending into materials science, biology and systems chemistry.

This comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach plays a pivotal role in the development of chemical sciences, expanding their boundaries, and reflects on the vibrant and enlightening scientific discussions usually held in ICPOC meetings.

The venue of the conference, Faro, is the main city of Algarve. Not far from Faro, near the southwesternmost point of continental Europe, lies Sagres, a sacred promontory to the Romans. It was in Sagres that, legendarily, prince Henry the Navigator dreamed and planned the Portuguese discoveries in the 15th century, searching for the unknown while expanding frontiers, in the quest to discovering a sea route to India. In Portugal, we could not think of a better place to organise ICPOC 24.

Together with an outstanding scientific program, you will be exposed to the colours, flavours, tastes, history and traditions of Portugal.

Please register, and come to ICPOC24, in Faro, Portugal, next July.

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Maria de Lurdes Cristiano


ICPOC conferences, held biennially since 1972, are the leading international gatherings on Physical Organic Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity. More recent ICPOC conferences were held in China, Poland, Spain, South Korea, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.


ICPOC meetings bring together chemists from academia and industry, active in the fields of organic chemistry, physical chemistry, theoretical chemistry, catalysis and supramolecular chemistry.


The breadth of Physical Organic Chemistry will be represented in ICPOC 24 by a range of presentations in topics associated to the 3 streams of the conference: • Physical foundations of organic reactivity • Mechanism and catalysis • Supramolecular and systems chemistry.


The scientific program of ICPOC 24 will comprise plenary and keynote lectures for all participants, followed by thematic sessions that include invited lectures and oral communications.


Bernard Feringa
Groningen, The Netherlands
Carlos Afonso
Lisboa, Portugal
David Collum
Cornell, United States of America
Frances Arnold
CALTECH, United States of America
Guy Lloyd-Jones
Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Janine Cossy
ESPCI, ParisTech, France
Jinpei Cheng
Tsinghua, China
João Rocha
Aveiro, Portugal
Manabu Abe
Hiroshima, Japan
Peter Chen
ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Stefan Grimme
Bonn, Germany
Tito Scaiano
Ottawa, Canada

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Bernard Feringa Dynamic Molecular Systems
Carlos Afonso Diverse Reactivity of Furan Based Biorenewable Resources
David Collum Structure-Reactivity-Selectivity Relationships in Alkali Metal Chemistry
Frances Arnold Innovation by Evolution: Bringing New Chemistry to Life
Guy Lloyd-Jones Exploring Catalytic Landscapes: Don’t be Inhibited
Janine Cossy Chemistry and Physics: Synthesis and Vectorization of Drugs Towards the Tumors
Jin-Pei Cheng Revitalize Bond Energetics for Understanding Ionic Liquid Chemistry
João Rocha Organic and Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials for Light Emission and Sensing
Manabu Abe Is π Single-Bonding (C–π–C) Possible? A Challenge in Organic Chemistry
Peter Chen Bond Strengths in the Gas Phase, in Solution, and In Silico: Dispersion Effects and Big Molecules
Stefan Grimme Development and Application of Low-Cost Quantum Chemistry Methods
Tito Scaiano Organic Photocatalysis with Metal-Decorated Titanium Dioxide


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